Frequently Asked Questions ?

What does Bespoke mean ? How it is different than Made-to-Measure ?

Each stitch of a bespoke garment goes into tailoring a piece that is unique to each client. This is not your run of the mill clothing but bears the craftsmanship of a bespoke tailor. Unlike made-to-measure clothing that uses a block pattern common to all, everything is designed from scratch in bespoke tailoring. That means that from the measurements and pattern, down to the last detail of buttons and pockets, no two designs will be the same.

How does the process work ?

The perfect tailor-made garment entails a sartorial responsibility to bring your vision to life. Our detailed process begins with a meeting with our Style Consultant to truly understand what your needs and preferences are. With a clear picture of your vision and the Style Consultant’s expert inputs on what works best, we move onto the next steps.

We take your measurements, provide you with a variety of exclusive fabrics to make a selection from and finalise the details. Right down to the pocket style and buttons – it’s your pick. 

The final step is the fittings. This process is integral to the bespoke way. If it’s your first time with us, we use a temporary fabric during the first few rounds after which your fitting template will be saved till the next time we meet. After 3 fittings and a few weeks of dedicated labour, your bespoke garment is ready!

What is a “Muslin” fitting ?

In bespoke clothing, the fit is integral. A “muslin” fitting, also referred to as a test fitting, helps the tailor assess the fit perfectly before applying it to the finished suit. We use your measurements to structure a test garment with loosely sewn pieces that can be re-adjusted with ease. At the end of your fittings, when the fit is perfected, our in-house tailors finally cut your selected fabric and use the test garment as a sample to make your finished suit.

Should i make an appointment ?

Yes, please. Bespoke garments are made with the labour of love and require time and effort. For this reason, we do not take walk-ins. To witness the perfect Bespoke experience, please call or email us so that just like your garments, we can customise your appointments as well! 

How long will my appointment last ?

Depending on the nature of the garment, the time may vary. A first-time visit may take about 90 minutes considering new measurements have to be taken.

How long until my Garments are ready ?

If it is your first time experiencing Bespoke Tailors, your order will typically take four weeks for the test garment and muslin fitting in addition to four to six weeks of bringing together your vision. Subsequent visits are much shorter with garments being prepared in four to six weeks.

How much do your Garment cost ?

Depending on the type of fabric used and the garment to be designed, our prices will vary.

I’m interested in Building A Wardrobe. What is the most economical way to do this?

At Bespoke Tailors, we take pride in our versatility. As our CEO Mr Prakash Parmar says, “we don’t craft clothes, we craft personalities.” A meeting with our Style Consultant will help you choose what works best for you without sacrificing class.

What Fabrics do you offer ?

Bespoke Tailors is home to the finest collection of luxurious fabrics from world-renowned mills. The fabric gives character to the design that you select, making it a vital element in the entire process. The ultra-fine Dormeuil, the noble and timeless Ermenegildo Zegna, Scabal by the highly skilled, the modern Cerruti and fleece-like, soft Vicuna all find themselves at home at Bespoke Tailors

Can my Suit be altered if i gain or lose weight ?

Our bespoke garments are given an extra seam allowance for easy alteration. Please note, the alterations are a paid service.

How should i care for my new Garments ?

With Bespoke garments, care is everything to make sure your investment is worth it. Each type of garment requires different care.


Unless your suits are physically dirty, you need not dry clean them. After each wear, hang your suit outside the closet so any odour and moisture are allowed to escape. To naturally pull out wrinkles from trousers, hang them from the bottom hem with a pant hanger. For a refreshing, you may use a hand-held steamer on them. 

It is vital to give your suits to a reputed and trusted dry cleaner to ensure that the quality of the garment is not stripped away by harsh chemicals and poor quality pressing.


While dry cleaning is an equally viable option for shirts as well, one can launder them with water as well. Laundering should be done only in warm water and pressing, too, should be done with a warm, not hot, press.

Tip #1 – Remove your collar stays before sending them to the cleaner to prevent scorch marks.

Starch does more damage to your shirts than you realise! When you starch your shirts, the cotton fibres are affected and your bespoke shirt will wear out quickly.

Any stains should be treated with a stain remover as soon as you remove the shirt before being sent for laundry immediately. With stain removal, time is of the essence!

Tip #2 – If your shirt seems slightly big on delivery, that’s the room we keep for any shrinking which is normal with a bespoke shirt. There’s nothing to worry about there.

How does payment work ?

We accept all major credit cards as well as cash, check and wire transfers. Keeping in mind the cutting of the fabric, we generally require a full advance payment.

What if i decide to change or cancel my order ?

Our detailed process ensures that you get precisely what you want without having any second thoughts. However, we try to accommodate second thoughts to the best of our abilities. Since we order your fabric immediately after the deposit is made, if you would like to change your fabric, a 20% restocking fee will be applied. 

Since our garments are customised only for you, cancellations or changes of any other kind will not be possible.