At Bespoke, our master tailors have over ten years of experience in tailoring and are personally trained by the founder. The consultants have vast experience handling and styling clientele from around the world. Bespoke has an overseas clientele who visit Dubai only to have their suits and clothing bespoke at Bespoke in DIFC.
From the moment you enter the shop, VIP treatment begins, making the client comfortable and is offered coffee to ensure the client is relaxed. They patterned it with Saks Fifth Avenue and Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive or, to be more precise, Savile Row. Bespoke clothing is all over the shop so that the client can see and feel bespoke clothing. Our consultant then asks the client what his goals are and what he desires to have, or if not, then our consultant can recommend what best suits the client. Our style consults will present an array of luxurious fabrics, and the stylist will explain the entire bespoke procedure. Once the client has decided, our master tailor will take the measurements.