“We don’t craft clothes, we craft personalities”

– Prakash Parmar

Business, leisure or a big event, you deserve to wear something that fits who YOU are. Something that exudes class, confidence and style. We offer a range of cuts and carefully handpicked details for you to choose from. This means that your selection is one of a kind and personal to you.

These details are then put together and stitched by expert hands that have been in the business for years. Be it bespoke shirts, a blazer, tailored tuxedo or stylish wedding suit, walk into the world suited, booted and ready to make a statement.

Elegance & Uniqueness

Bespoke tailoring evokes a sartorial responsibility. To make each stitch with passion for the art of tailoring, so that you find yourself with a 100% handcrafted ensemble that is as unique as you. It’s the tiny details that set us apart. Our CEO Prakash Parmar takes you through the key features that differentiate us. Hand stitches that showcase human imperfection and dedication, Milanese buttonholes that give you a mechanical impression, a lot goes into bespoke tailoring. Come, find out…