Nothing spells Summer like light and breezy garments of the highest quality. So, which fabric will be the new addition to your summer wardrobe? With a variety of fabrics handpicked from the renowned mills of Ermenegildo Zegna, Dormeuil, Scabal, Cacciopoli and Drago, your summer attire is waiting to be given the Bespoke touch..

Summer Suits

Often seen as a challenge, a summer suit is an excellent way to add an edge to your collection. A suit crafted to perfection in a light fabric like cotton or linen and bright colors is your best bet to make a sartorial statement this summer. Be it for business, a special event or leisure, our in-house stylists are dedicated to bringing your vision of a bespoke tailored suit to life.

Summer Jackets

One can simply differentiate a Modern Gentleman’s wardrobe from the rest with a glance at their summer jacket collection. Made with the right cut, a well-tailored summer jacket adds a flair of class to your look. If you’re going for a dinner jacket suit or something casual, the right fabric is important while crafting the perfect summer jacket. Our selection of linens, seersuckers and breathable wool are available for you to choose from. Made the Bespoke way, this closet essential is sure to elevate your look.

Because your Unique

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Summer Shirts

You can never have too many shirts in your closet. Bespoke tailoring crafts the perfect bespoke shirt precisely the way you would like it. A quintessential garment, it is the foundation of any gentleman’s summer ensemble. Whether to complete your stylish wedding suit or as is for a casual look, our selection of lightweight colour shirts are perfect for all your requirements.

Summer Trousers & Shorts

The sign of a true gentleman is very easily the kind of pants he wears. The right pair of pants must be tailored to perfection. However, it is not just the fit that makes a bespoke pair of trousers or shorts. Rather, it’s everything from the length down to the buttons. For formal or for casual attire, your Bespoke shirt has found its match with our trousers and shorts tailored to perfection.


Fine Fabrics