Nothing spells Summer like light and breezy garments of the highest quality. So, which fabric will be the new addition to your summer wardrobe? With a variety of fabrics handpicked from the renowned mills of Ermenegildo Zegna, Dormeuil, Scabal, Cacciopoli and Drago, your summer attire is waiting to be given the Bespoke touch..

Bespoke Tailoring

Considered as the epitome of men’s clothing, A bespoke suit is cut by an individual and made by highly skilled individual craftsmen. The pattern is made specifically for the customer and the finished suit will take a minimum of 80 hours of hand work and require a series of fittings.

Custom Tailoring

Custom tailored suits, which as the name suggests are customized according to the customer’s measurements. Normally, however, tailor-made suits are made of specific fabrics, some of which include woolen or tweed. The use of wool fabrics offers a high level of comfort that’s not found in other fabrics. With that said, you can find tailor-made suits available in all fabrics.

Made To Measure Services

In made to measure , they take a sample size jacket’s patterns and adjust them if you are not within allowable measurements. That means the master tailor is able to change aspects, such as shoulder width and jacket length, so that the finished product better conforms to your body. A very basic way to determine quality within the MTM category is to look at the number of measurements collected.

Tailor On-Demand

We live in a fast paced world in which everything you need is at your fingertips. Now, your tailors as well! We have introduced the unique Tailor-on-Demand service in which you can book our complete tailoring services whether you are at home or your office.

Home Delivery & Pick Up

We offer on-demand delivery services for all your local needs across the Dubai, whether it’s your hotel, home or office.

International Trunkshow

Our tailors often travel across the globe to offer our services beyond the borders as we have a strong international client base.

Alteration Services

We offer alteration services across the UAE