When it comes to bespoke tailoring, Dubai residents are quite discerning

The UAE is world-renowned for its glamorously attired citizens and it stands to reason that these fashion-forward individuals will only settle for the very best. As such, the fact that Bespoke is considered to be one of the finest tailors of handmade suits in all of Dubai should point towards their inimitable reputation for excellence.

The Bespoke Legacy

Bespoke forms part of the House Of Parmar Group, a tailoring business that was established in 1956 with the sole purpose of crafting high-end suits for professionals with a taste for the finer things in life. There are four Parmar family members on the board of directors, including a father (who first moved to Dubai in 1956 to start the business) and his three sons.

However, the tailoring legacy dates back farther than the first store that was opened in Bur Dubai – the family boasts of seven generations of sought-after tailors who were of equal renown for both their high-quality merchandise and unwavering commitment to excellence. Bespoke brings this legacy and authenticity of Savile Row to the Middle East in order to cater to the tastes of elegant captains of industry, entrepreneurs, and celebrities alike.

A Business Run By Tailors

As a business run by tailors, Bespoke Tailoring boasts a deep-seated understanding of design aesthetics that cannot be feigned but is instead ingrained over generations. This innate, time-honoured understanding of balance and beauty, when combined with technological precision and an aptitude for innovation, results in an enterprise that successfully merges the world of classic tailoring with cutting-edge production practices.

As the preeminent luxury brand, Bespoke Tailoring builds on a long history of creating authentic handcrafted suits for powerful individuals. This is why Bespoke Tailoring is renowned for dressing the UAE’s foremost business leaders and sharply attired with unprecedented panache. Known for remarkable artistry and singular expertise, each Bespoke tailor brings with them an intuitive understanding of what makes a good suit great and the ability to construct a suit to flatter any person, regardless of their physical stature.

Fine Fabrics & Expert Craftsmanship

The Bespoke Tailoring experience is all about luxurious convenience. This is why the company houses all of the finest suiting and shirting fabrics under one roof, including the very best British and Italian materials. This includes the Parmar Collections, Zegna, Cerruti, Scabal and more.

The Parmar Collections: Designed and created exclusively for Bespoke Tailoring, the Parmar Collections were meticulously researched and developed according to exacting industry standards. This includes:

  • Michael Angelo Collection: Super 160’s all wool, manufactured in England
  • Da Vinci Collection: Super 140’s all wool, manufactured in Italy
  • Bellini Collection: Super 130’s all wool, manufactured in Italy
  • Masaccio collection: Super 120’s all wool, manufactured in Italy
  • Bronzino collection: Super 110’s all wool, manufactured in Italy

Zegna is known the world over for wool-, cashmere- and mohair fabrics of the highest quality in both worsted and woolen finishes. The company has been in the Zegna family for four generations and will continue to thrive due to its careful balancing of innovation and heritage.

Cerruti was founded in Biella, Italy in 1881 and quickly gained a reputation for their excellent work with noble fibres. When Nino Cerruti took the company reins in the 1950s, he modernised the business’ weaving workshops to adhere to modern production practices and succeeded in launching a very successful ready-to-wear men’s range that put the company on the map.

Scabal has been the fabric of choice of discerning tailors since 1938 and the company is known the world over for sourcing the finest raw materials available on the market. They are also prolific where innovation is concerned – the company launches up to 15 new collections twice a year! To date, they’ve produced in excess of 5000 different kinds of high-quality fabrics.

In short, the Bespoke Tailoring approach to custom-made suiting and shirting is based on the time-honored notion of genuine artistry. It’s more about just the suit that will end up in your closet; it’s about the experience of being measured and clothed by true artisans whose experience can be discerned in every stitch they cast. It’s about knowing that the suit will last a lifetime and accompany you through trials and tribulations; joys and triumphs. Bespoke Tailoring is not merely an indulgence, it’s a nod to craftsmen who have spent a lifetime learning to create balance and beauty.

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