“A man in a well-tailored suit will always shine brighter than a guy in an off-the-racket suit.”- Michael Kors

A bespoke jacket is an evergreen thing of beauty you will find in every gentleman’s wardrobe. It has the power to enhance confidence and add a sense of significance to one’s personality. It all depends on how entrancingly it holds on to your physique and a bespoke jacket never fails to do its duty right.

You must’ve heard the saying “things worth having, never come in easy”. This holds true when it comes to anything bespoke. A unique jacket must be perfectly tailored to adorn your silhouette and we, at Bespoke, are determined to create a fit which complements your look as well as individuality. It takes a couple of pre-trial visits and a time frame of approximately 6 weeks to design and stitch a bespoke jacket and but the end result is worth the wait.

The First Appointment

What makes a bespoke jacket so unique is that every portion of it is hand-stitched. At our workshop, it is an amalgamation of methods which are traditional to stitching, along with a modern approach. A personal touch is central to the creation of a bespoke jacket. On your first appointment with us, our team spends enough time with you to understand your needs, choices, lifestyle, posture, and persona, in order to manoeuvre your garment.

It is only after understanding the ins and outs of your requirements do we move towards the most important section of the process: measurement. When you are being measured, every tiny detail of your body and its posture is taken into account and is sketched for the reference of the cutter.

The second appointment

Now it is your turn to come back and try the basted blueprint of your jacket. A basted jacket is the first cut or the first draft of your garment chalked for alterations in size and design the way you fancy it. At Bespoke, we create your basted jacket with a fine cloth which is later discarded, once your fitting and amendments are through. This is done to judge the accuracy of the fit of the jacket and also to ensure that no adjustments are made to the final garment and it comes out prim and proper.

The third appointment

This is your final visit for the last fitting of your jacket. At this point, the jacket has been crafted in the fabric of your choice and is designed to fit you suitably. The cutter will look for some final adjustments if required and now you can take home a piece of garment that is truly yours.

From the interiors of your jacket to the fabric on the outside, every portion is minutely worked upon and is entirely hand-stitched. It might take a considerable amount of time in the first go, but the next time you walk in, your only obligation would be to explain your design-sight for your next jacket. Your wish is our command because Bespoke Tailors, DIFC from House of Parmar understands that a bespoke jacket, done to perfection, emanates the essence of one’s personality.

Remember, a well-dressed man always makes a better impression. It’s about time you had a bespoke jacket of your own. It adds to your confidence to make your persona shine out. Book your appointment now and get started with the experience. 

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