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“I was in fact produced as a leader of fashion, with the clothiers as my showmen and the world as my audience.”- Duke of Windsor

Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David, otherwise known as the Duke of Windsor might not have made a mark as a successful king, following his rule which lasted less than a year. But, his winsome persona of a dandy never went unnoticed.

This gentleman, born in a royal family, was destined to be a rebel. His political interests could never align with his forefathers, but what he did inherit from King George IV, was his impeccable sartorial sense.

gentleman fashionEdward III believed in an exemplary show of fashion that complemented his individuality. Never did he conform to the norms he couldn’t believe in. Often times he would run into an argument with his father concerning his choice of clothes and was once rebuked for insisting on having cuffs on his trousers.

After a salesman once told him that checks did not suit a man with short height, he made it a point to prove the fashion trend wrong and ended up being a worldwide sensational inspiration. His passion for comfort and style compelled him to stick to his Savile Row tailor, Scholte- one who was very picky in terms of choosing his clients. Rumor has it, this tailor refused to work for Fred Astair.

An entire wardrobe made of bespoke suits complemented the extravagant lifestyle that he led. All his trousers had a wider pocket on the left to accommodate his cigarette case, zippers instead of buttons, and elastic replaced suspenders. His flamboyant personality created fashion waves across the world. Love for tuxedos, pattern, and evening suits ushered him into making tailless coats and brown shoes a chic alternative.

mannequin with bespoke suitA remarkable collection which spanned 60 years, the Duke’s wardrobe oozed out panache with 55 lounge suits, 3 formal suits, 5 evening suits and more than a hundred shoes. “Not since his forebear King George IV in the 1820’s had a monarch lavished so much care and expense on his own personal appearance. He bought clothes of the finest quality and expected them to last a lifetime, which in fairness, many of them did” holds Sotheby’s specialist, Ms. Taylor, who organized the auction of The Duke’s wardrobe after 7 years of preparation, in 1998.

Edward III was and will always remain one of the most well dressed and handsome men who walked the face of Earth, and those who manage to influence the sartorial industry with their a la mode disposition. With his exemplary collection of clothes, he earmarked the belief that there is nothing that defines a man’s silhouette better than a bespoke suit.

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