adjective [bih-spohk]

made to individual order;
custom-made: a bespoke jacket.

The origin of Bespoke spans back to a time of artistry and enlightenment. During Europe’s golden age of development, when man began to develop a taste for the exquisite. When he began to refine his manners; and to seek elegance to its uppermost stratum. When clothes were more than just a necessity. When only the most sophisticated men began to realize that it was a statement of their true essence.

What is the one thing that every man aspires to acquire? A uniqueness. ..A sense of immortality in the little pleasures of life. An aspiration to ‘be spoken for.’ A concept first adopted by the professional tailors based in 18th Century London, located specifically at Saville Row. Their industrious nature and stubbornness to always craft each suit by hand is what inspires us to meet our client’s ambitious, albeit achievable endeavours. Because we understand that everyone is unique. And that uniqueness should never be compromised.

That is why we at Bespoke Tailors pride ourselves in our history of dressing Dubai’s finest class of elite gentlemen, and giving them the freedom to explore their tastes. To express their savoir faire like never before. Because every measurement. Every intricately drawn pattern. And every hour put into developing each suit. Is part of our dedication to perfection. One that stems from years of exemplary experience in the field of men’s tailoring.